Noel ~ Minimal Mosaic Sugar Glider Joey


Sex                       Male
OOP:                     October 2018
COLOR:                Minimal Mosaic
Genetics:             PET SPECIAL
Parents:               Pet Special
Price                     $499

Noel is an amazing sweet and personable sugar glider joey. He’s a stunning minimal mosaic with just a few white whiskers and otherwise looks like a classic grey and has an adorable little face that shouts out for snuggles!! This little guy is one of the most sweet, laid back joeys we’ve had in a long time. He’s happy to come out day or night for cuddles and lets you kiss his belly and love on him like he’s known you forever! He’s available as a companion for another single sugar glider or to add to an existing colony, but as sugar gliders are colony animals we do not adopt them out to live alone. Need a friend for him? We will have a couple of other joeys available in a few weeks. He’s got an awesome easy going personality and seems to like most other gliders and people. He’ll happily sit in your hand and eat yoggies and hang out with you but also loves to play. He’s the first to pop his head out for a treat and is just an all around joy!

* Please note joeys purchased must be picked up within 7 days of purchase unless prior arrangements made with NH Sugar Gliders. A signed and returned Adoption Contract is required before your Joey can be released for shipping. Example Adoption Contract

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Sugar Glider Joey Available for Adoption

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