Giraffe Print Reversible Cage Set


4 or 7 piece cage set for sugar glider cages

You can choose from 1 pouch, 1 triangle hammock and 1 bridge and 1 monkey climber vine for $35 or 2 pouches, 2 triangle hammocks and 1 bridge and 2 monkey climber vines for $55 and save $10.

Giraffe patterned fleece exterior and complementary solid fleece interior with all hidden seams for safety and two fleece hanging tabs. This set is fully reversible for double the fun!

A must have accessory set to provide your sugar gliders with a safe and cozy place to sleep and play in their cage.

Boxed corners make pouches roomy inside and comfortable for 2- 3 sugar gliders.

Last picture to show pieces in sets, your set will come in giraffe print and cream/brown.

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Cage Sets for Sugar Gliders

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