Ducky Dangler Chain – CUPCAKES


Sugar Gliders just love to play with our Ducky Dangler Chains!

This is our CupCakes Ducky Dangler Chain, with brightly different colored rubber ducks and lots of reset and foraging toys and fun charms.

This Ducky Dangler is huge at approximately 3 feet long and can be suspended across the cage horizontally or hung vertically similar to a vine.

Ducky Danglers are sugar glider reset and foraging toys meant for use in sugar glider cages and playrooms to enhance and stimulate and provide enrichment play for sugar gliders.

Created so toys can be easily attached and removed and for easy cleaning in hot water, dawn dish soap and white vinegar! All parts are tested and glider safe.

Please note: Colors and design may vary slightly from shown.

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Toys for Sugar Glider Cages made by NH Sugar Gliders

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