Welcome to our “Glidertorium” Room

We live in an old 1870 historical grist mill now converted into a rather large home. One neat feature of the home was a great finished attic room just waiting for us to figure outwhat to make of. Well along came our gliders who needed a safe and comfortable room to live in. So we converted the space into a “Glidertorium”. The room is huge, comfortable and just a perfect hangout for all our glider family.

glider play room

We recently changed our glider play room to be more of an open concept using special stainless steel hardware attached to the ceiling so that we can attach all kinds of play areas, toys, vines and fun things for our gliders to enjoy.  We were very happy to donate our original enclosed play area to a local rescue for their gliders to enjoy just as ours did before. We encourage new glider parents to use our room to begin the bonding with their new family members.

We are proud to share our sugar gliders with you and encourage all prospective glider owners to visit our specially constructed glider room and meet some of our glider family and we have a custom built playroom so that you can visit with your new joeys regularly in the weeks before they come home so that you can begin to bond before they even leave our care. 

Visitation to our Glider Room is by APPOINMENT ONLY – Monday – Saturday 1-5pm