Glider cages should be cleaned every two weeks with a mixture of hot water and white vinegar, do not use chemicals on your gliders cage as they can be very harmful to your sugar gliders. You can also use a little dish soap (no bleach) if you prefer.

Make sure to rinse and thoroughly dry before putting your joeys back in the cage. Cage pouches, fleece cage sets and toys should be removed/changed weekly. Wash in washing machine and dry without using dryer sheets.

Cage trays should be wiped out daily, if using liners switch them out and wipe out trays at least twice a week. Food dishes should be removed every morning and thoroughly cleaned, water bottles should be washed and changed every two days.

Food dishes should be removed every morning and thoroughtly cleaned. Water bottles should be whashed and changed every two days.

Never bather your glider! They are naturally clean creatures and will groom each other and keep themselves clean.

Sugar Gliders will poop and pee on you. Although mostly this is when they first wake up. The are naturally very clean and only unneutered males usually have an odor due to scent marking. Having your males neutered will prevent this and we can take care of that for you with our vet.