Welcome To NH Sugar Gliders

Our goal is for every joey to go home socialized, hand tame and friendly and to educate new owners so that they have the best possible experience.”

Family owned and operated, our sugar gliders are beloved pets first and we are totally committed to helping other people learn how to fall in love and care for these beautiful marsupials so that they can live long, healthy and happy lives with their new owners.  We don’t sugar coat our sugar gliders, we tell you everything you need to know, the good, the bad and everything in between.  When you take home our sugar gliders, you can be confident you will receive lifetime support and assistance for any questions you may have including diet and bonding advice and services such as nail trims.

Happy, healthy, sweet and tame Sugar Glider Joeys!

We are a Class “A” USDA licensed sugar glider breeder located in Farmington, NH nestled between the beautiful Seacoast and gateway to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  We also provide all the sugar glider supplies you will need, including food, treats, glider safe wheels and toys, cage sets, bonding pouches and much more!  See the links to the store above.

The Girl Who Made Us Fall In Love

Sugar, Our Original Girl Here At NH Sugar Gliders, All Grown Up!

We are proud to share our sugar gliders with you and encourage all prospective glider owners to visit our specially constructed glider room and meet some of our glider family and we have a custom built playroom so that you can visit with your new joeys regularly in the weeks before they come home so that you can begin to bond before they even leave our care. 

We love and very much welcome questions and are always excited to talk about our sugar gliders. We currently breed for classic grey, white tail, white face, white face blonde, leucistic, platinum, creme-ino and mosaics. To see our available joeys for adoption please look in our nursery  or  email for further information.

We also post daily updates and lots of pictures on our facebook page.

You can also find more pictures of our sugar gliders on pinterest.

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